The following video provides a rather up-to-date glimpse of me, Michael George Daniel, and the message I am sharing through word and music. (Please select episode 14)

Ecoshaman.org is dedicated to providing information and inspiration in support of  greater awareness. Deepened awareness acknowledges systemic patterns and root causes. In our money- and expert-oriented culture, there is way more emphasis on ‘knowing the answers’ than on understanding. We tend to be myopically focused on symptoms. To understand the repercussions of original intentions, core beliefs and projected desires is to bring into consciousness so much of that which drives us forward each day, even without our conscious knowledge. These are the unintended consequences of our cultural history.

To begin to see the framework of these deeply embedded patterns and beliefs makes them visible; and making them visible creates the capacity to see beyond them.

Then, and only then, can we genuinely imagine something beyond the current paradigm.

The convergence of crises in the world today – summarized as, for example, peak oil, climate chaos and social injustice – represents a great turning in the fundamental order of the world. Deeply internalized ideas about human exceptionalism, God-the-Father-in-the-Sky, and our individual separateness, and the fear that this illusion invokes, have provided the foundation for  human systems and institutions. The fate of these ideas, and the industrial civilization they have helped bring about, is clear: they are doomed. Yet, until we allow into consciousness awareness of these deeply held perceptions, we can not see beyond them. We are destined to a subconsciously generated fate to which we have little conscious influence.

Our intention to deepen our understanding and awareness, and to open to the actuality of what is in the world today – the manifest repercussions of so much that has ostensibly helped the human race in their efforts at ‘progress’ and yet has produced dire unintended consequences – allows us to begin to hold a vision of something better. As the picture clears of what-can-be when these root causes are transcended and we enter into the opportunity to direct our intention toward a higher good. We have the opportunity to nurture prayer; a prayer that represents a world far different, far better than anything we imagined into existence together so far.

We are not alone in doing this. All of nature, all of life, all of the cosmos conspires with us. As we actively move into our intentions, we are taken up in a dance of co-creation whose primary characteristic is beauty. The opportunity to learn and be changed by this unfolding beauty – to abide it through our non-attachment to rational expectations – based on a feeble and limited memory of experience – emerges. In the shamanic tradition, we move with the waves of light and sound and find ourselves more powerful than we ever dreamed possible with the strength of the entire Universe playfully supporting our every wish and breath.


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