All My Political Relations

I forgive Bernie Sanders for running as a Democrat, but this Demo party is nearly toast. The Green Party is the future for all of us. This video offers a great message. But, what is Great? Great again? If all that has come before has lead to a short-term collapse of the experiment of life on this planet (in service of the abstract construction called ‘the economy’), then what is so great about that? The problems of environmental collapse, violence, and institutionalized, systematized inequality are not problems to be solved but predicaments to be responded to – ideally from our humanity, our hearts, our choosing consciously to engage our highest aspects not our lowest. Make America fair, sensitive, compassionate, and emotionally-vulnerable again and understand that there is real strength, real greatness in that. Uncover all of our shadow expression so we can see it for what it is – the self-hatred that comes from disconnecting from the only reality that matters, the homeostasis – the life expresssion – of the planet and all our relations. Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ


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