All I want for Christmas…

As the reality of ‘where we are headed’ makes itself known in the world today, a vision of what-could-be is emerging. This is, in some respects, a new, more powerful prayer. While many people, including perhaps those referred to as ‘new agers’, can be reluctant to give energy through their attention to the so-called negative trends in the world – disaster, tragedy and injustice – there is at the same time the need to open to all of it.1395208_10151561079092325_143599037_n

Acknowledging and bringing into consciousness the patterns and beliefs that hold us in thrall brings choice to our journey. These embedded and internalized features keep us moving toward the place we are headed rather than a place of our choosing.

Acknowledging the role of imperialism in our history, white supremacy in our society, the assumptions of capitalism that lock us into infinite growth and the continued degradation of both the natural world and human relationship, and our biases toward sexual orientation and gender offers the opportunity perhaps see a common underlying characteristic of these things. We might sense an orientation to fear and separation as the basis for the emergence of these things. With that, we might better glimpse the profound possibilities of grounding ourselves in a perspective of love and gratitude; not just the abolition of these constraints, but the genuine capacity to bring forth a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


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