Changing Ourselves

I have not been able to be as specific as might be useful in elucidating skills and value offerings we might bring to the community as we collectively go through the cathartic change unfolding around us. But I do have a number of strategic impulses that have revealed themselves over the last few years that can be shared. My experience so far is that the vast majority of folks are not yet able to appreciate the value of these things, whether we call them skills or impulses. In fact, such thinking is threatening to those that gain a sense of security from operating/competing in the status quo.

Thus, there is an emotional component to change wherein we must learn to live with and even withstand the feelings of not belonging that come along with moving out of denial. This makes the transition excruciatingly personal, and a cosmic moment for (trans)personal/emotional growth.

Clearly learning to live more locally is at the core of this discussion. What follows is then, if have the courage to walk this path, a practice of unraveling all the ways that we participate in the homo-colossus culture. Quitting a job that involves ridiculous business travel, or the production of some product or service that only exists because of the former over-abundance of cheap fossil fuel. Learning to commune with the natural world again, to regain sensitivity to it and thus cherish its sacredness; gardening, keeping chickens, foraging; beginning to appreciate our somatic addiction to power and mobility – the absurdity of pressing our toes toward the floor and claiming the power of hundreds of horses. Perhaps, more simply, appreciating the exquisiteness of a hot shower, losing track of ‘which day of the week’ it is and simply living each moment of today. Learning how to get along with other people; coming together as an occupy movement or community initiative and becoming aware of all the ways in which we project conditioned skill-sets of the past that were developed from a fear-perspective – ways of subtle manipulation and control – onto to the possibility of a more authentic group consciousness.

As these layers come up into awareness, we can peel them away and hold a space for a new personal paradigm to emerge, recognizing the difficulty in simply being in that place of uncertainty.


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