Cape May

A glimpse into a meditation for the vitality of Delaware Bay.

On my way here, I listened to an interview with author Callum M. Roberts. He wrote a book recently called The Unnatural History of the Sea.

“As Callum M. Roberts reveals in The Unnatural History of the Sea, the oceans’ bounty didn’t disappear overnight. While today’s fishing industry is ruthlessly efficient, intense exploitation began not in the modern era, or even with the dawn of industrialization, but in the eleventh century in medieval Europe.”

Although you won’t find it articulated well in the book’s synopsis on various sites, the take away message is the adjusted baseline of sea life that we’ve come to accept. What we think is the ocean is a once-teeming place of life in its end-game. This is a profound source of sadness and poignancy for me that leads me forward. My prayers go to the ocean.


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