Peace Prayer Update

The Peace Prayer event on the 21st of December was an inaugural event. It was the first expression of the talk/experience that I have decided to offer as a gift over the next three months during a road trip along the eastern seaboard. As of the writing, I left for the road trip on the 27th.

Many thanks to all who attended the Solstice event. Everyone was open and receptive to the drum meditation. Tempest Rizing, a crystal bowl sound healer that attended, offered a prayer to the four directions as a way for us all to further recognize the sacred space we shared.

While drumming, after staring into the eyes of Puma, it said to me, “What do you think you are doing?”

I said, “I’m doing this thing.”

It said, “Yes, this is good.”

And then I watched the energy of peace emanating from everyone in the room flow out into the streets, filling Clinton and the shoreline, expanding through Connecticut, New England, the east coast and the US. As it hit South America, I sensed that they were cheering; that the West had finally woken up from our mass consumption/infinite growth-economy dream/nightmare. I watched the ripples spread across two oceans and meet again at the other side. I saw the entire planet vibrating with fluctuating colored lights coming off in waves and spreading out into space. A that moment I understood that all other life in the Universe, in fact the entire Universe knew. It knew that we had turned a corner.

May it be so.


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