Ho’oponopono Shalom; Guidance for Sunday’s Global Shamanic Peace Prayer

I have asked that during the hour from noon to 1 PM Eastern Standard Time on December 21, 2014, the entire global human population participate in a Shamanic Peace Prayer. The vision for this prayer is world-wide resonance in our conscious human experience of gratitude for the opportunity to choose peace. We pray peace and experience the peace that is already there. We acknowledge that which-is and the surety of the possibility that we will end up where we are headed if we don’t change direction. We acknowledge our ability to release from energetic patterns that hold us individually and collectively in thrall. We say Ho’oponopono in acknowledgement and release.

We acknowledge the power of our ability to choose. Through the process of releasing our fear of the pain of the Earth, we experience the poignant joy of being alive at this time. Through our understanding we see and feel the limitations of our conditioned beliefs, internalized fears and separation consciousness imbued in so many human institutions and systems. The revelation and remembering of these constraints gives rise to our capacity to see beyond them; to hold a vision that is profoundly and ideally different; a vision that is coherent with the larger systems we participate in, and those that participate through us. We experience the miracle that is simply a change in perspective; literally a quantum leap of possibility and outcome.

We celebrate in gratitude the capacity to bring forth our intentions through a magical dance of collaborative, emergent creativity. We say Shalom in acknowledgement of the intention of the gathering, and our experience of the peace-that-already-is.

Locally, we will gather at the BodyKarma Studio in Clinton, Connecticut to play with this experience. If you are able to physically join, please do. Otherwise, we invite your psychic participation. Please see the previous post with details.

Disrupting, Opening, Releasing

We will begin by shaking the rattle and inviting movement, cleansing breaths, or simply mindfulness of the current experience, to disrupt dominate patterns and create a fertile opening for other possibilities. We invite the energy of the word Ho’oponopono.

Everyone is invited to cleanse and align the energy of their chakras. We will use tonal sound and the Chi Gong mantra, Ah-Mi-Di-Li-Gong-Shen-Hong to tonally harmonize our internal and collective energies of survival, sensuality, self-concept, heart, voice, intuition and spirit.

Meditation Journey

With the help of a drum, we are invited to journey into a deeper experience of Peace Now. We will take some time with this. Everyone is invited to sit, lie down, express yoga poses, or move around in whatever way they feel most comfortable and connected.

The end of the journey is signaled by a change in tempo and volume of the drum. When the drumming stops, everyone is invited to sit for several more minutes in the experience of emergent harmonic flow that unfolds in each of us. This is very powerful and only requires observation.

Song, Dance and Celebration

At the appropriate time a chant of ‘Ho’oponopono Shalom’ emerges. Beginning quietly and gently, the chant is invited to rise through us as we join together in it with voice, clapping hands, movement, song and dance. Extra shakers, tambourines and other instruments are available.

We break the Peace Prayer with great joy in the lasting realization of our power. This is power to create radical, profound change simply through a transcendent, coherent, collective awareness-intention-realization. This is the fullest definition of prayer: making real by shining light on all-that-is without judgement, informing our choices by feeling what-has-to-be-felt, releasing through forgiveness that which is in conflict with our deepest values and attracting through gratitude that which we choose.

We acknowledge the role of collective emergence and our place as co-creators in this process. We face squarely the ability to choose in each moment that which is life-affirming. We recognize that the ultimate resolution of any choice we make is always an expression of the great unfolding; that while we can not go wrong, we ride the wave of evolving, conscious choice and always have the option to participate in miraculous expression.



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