Is it really climate justice that we ought to be pursuing; social, economic and environmental justice, as well as peace, or do these things emerge from a genuinely sustainable, mutually-beneficial human presence on the planet? Does not injustice flow from a fear perspective; a spiritual orientation representing the unintegrated, dominant perception of separateness all of which has lead to dominion over communion, patriarchy over matri-focal, misogyny over partnership, competition over collaboration, destruction/violence over life, and force over power? Is it not truly radical to stand in an expression of gratitude and forgiveness as universally just and life affirming?

Sometimes it seems that we are so easily distracted; that the impulse to decide upon a solution and latch on it is irresistible. And off we go, pursuing yet another projection of past experience and reinforcing the very same conditioned patterns that lead to the need for action in the first place. There is something to be said for sitting quietly, breathing gently and listening. There is a way of accessing deeper pools of response and initiative, but it requires some patience and persistence.

The possibility of deepening awareness is the development of an understanding of root causes of the symptoms that so alarm. This is an exercise in relativity, as the effort leads down a rabbit hole of inter-connectivity. But, if  anything, this leads, perhaps, to the experience and understanding that this is our potential; maybe even a bit closer to an expression of what-we-are-here-for; to experience more deeply and to act from that place rather than jerking our knee toward the imagined groin of some other for whom we have decided is to blame.

Whether that blame is toward someone of the opposite gender, as we understand it in all our tender social constructs, or someone with a different color skin, or different beliefs, there lies a simple fork in the road at some level way down below. One fork leads to a response based on fear and separation. The other? Let us just say it is worth exploring.

In the end, all you or I have, to be, to be remembered by, to offer – is that for which we stand. Consider the possibility of feeling into what most deeply animates you – and standing for it in obvious ways – with voice, with action, with a process of adventuous belief that is open to changing as the results come in. Right now, the results aren’t so good, which makes for concern and also opportunity.


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